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Uncheck the "Play Automatically" checkbox in the Inspector (Animation section). Obviously make sure you select the appropriate GameObject or prefab first. Then use animation.Play('yourAnimationName') in the appropriate event handler.


Take a look at this tutorial. You can implement acheivement easily and start there to change acheivement to a reward system pretty easily. http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-code-unlockable-achievements-for-your-game-a-simple-approach--gamedev-6012


Well, points I imagine would be just a counter really? If there is only one score, a total "Points" count, then just KISS and use an int, add points to it. If you want to show maybe the amount of points received at the end of the level, add up the different sub type of points and then add them to the total score at the end of the level in some fancy ...


Yes. It is a very efficient way for game systems to communicate with each other. Events help you decouple many systems and make it possible to even compile things separately without knowing of each others' existence. This means your classes can be more easily prototyped and the compilation times are faster. More importantly, you end up with a flat code ...

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