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Yes, setting a global variable and then calling a method which behaves differently based on its value is a dangerous anti-pattern known as "Accumulate and Fire". The remedy is to pass all data which is required by a method as parameters. In your case the solution is to not use generic event handlers to enter a state. Give each state an unique Enter method ...


A fine way to handle in a discrete way communications between entities is the Oberver pattern. Take a look at it. each entity who need observation will need to add an observer to its list public void AddObserver(Observer o) { obs_l.Add(o); } Then when you define your Notify function you will baasically pass a reference to the object calling, if it is ...


SDL2 actually generates key repeat events automatically. You need to manually filter repeated key events out by checking the repeat member of a SDL_KeyboardEvent. This is something that did not automatically happen in SDL1, so that's why the behaviour is different. See SDL_KeyboardEvent for more info.

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