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For a Chrome-based solution to make the game run offline and enjoy some native functionality, you can consider making a Chrome App. This way, you can distribute it in Chrome Web Store for added visibility, you can enjoy some powerful APIs, and make it look more like a standalone app. The downside is, of course, requiring Chrome.


You can embed images in the HTML document using the dataurl-syntax which allows to put the base64 representation of the binary image data as the src-attribute of an image. This also works on any other kind of media file. <img ...


Just putting all the files into a .zip file isn't a viable solution because most web-applications need a web-server so that they can access resources via HTTP-requests. On some systems you can access files via the file:// URI-scheme, but that's not guaranteed to work everywhere because of security-reasons and will fail for things such as AJAX requests. It ...

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