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Finally found the culprit, it was a really stupid typo error in my code, the light surface was not the same size as the backbuffer (width and height reversed).... By the way i was able to pinpoint the problem really fast with PIX, if that can help someone.


The dilatation will seem to work, but it is an imperfect solution because it is undersampled, it re-uses information (entropy coming from light irradiance samples) and spread it over, effectively creating extrapolation. The correct thing to do here is to use conservative rasterization which is not trivial at all to do. Your rasterization is based on the very ...


The problem was due to the nature of controls found in Windows Forms. From MSDN: A control can be selected and receive input focus if all the following are true: the Selectable value of ControlStyles is set to true, it is contained in another control, and all its parent controls are both visible and enabled. The device window in my application belongs to a ...

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