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You could convert one of the OBBs to an AABB by applying the inverse of the first OBBs transform to both OBBs. Now the first OBBs is an AABB and the other is still an OBB, so you can use the AABB vs OBB function to test if they overlap. If the collision function returns a normal/position, you must transform them by the fist OBBs transform to put them back ...


Release does not return an HRESULT, it returns a ULONG. That ULONG is the new reference count on the object (after the release). hr == S_FALSE in your code because Release is returning 1 (which is what S_FALSE is defined as), which means there's one pending reference count to the object after you release it (that's not necessarily a problem, it could be an ...


All you seem to be missing is a call to g_pDirect3D_Device->Present().

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