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Since there is no value for this listed in the Direct3D 11 Resource Limits I don't think there is a limit. However according to the documentation 9_1 feature level devices only support 16-bit index buffers.


The short answer is "Poly count is not what Optimize is optimizing". The D3DXMesh Optimize routine performs the following (1) It attribute sorts the mesh, which means ensuring all faces sharing the same attributes are grouped together. Any shared vertices that appear in multiple attribute groups are duplicated. (2) Faces are optimized for the ...


Direct3D9Ex exposes the WDDM virtualized memory behavior, whereas Direct3D 9 on WDDM emulates the XPDM behavior. With Direct3D9Ex, you never get "Lost Device", but you can get "Device Removed". "DYNAMIC" is a specific behavior which requires memory that is accessible by both the CPU and GPU that is in limited supply depending on your system setup, so you ...

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