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It shouldn't have any impact. You should not be implementing zoom by scaling or otherwise messing with 'the Z factor' (whatever that is) of your objects in the world. You should be implementing zoom by adjusting properties of the camera and projection (field of view, camera position). The camera and projection properties only come into play when you ...


You can not Sample a texture in vertex shader with regular sampling. You should use SampleLevel and sample a specific mip level of the texture with it. This is because you don't have screen space derivatives (ddx and ddy) in the vertex shader. In the pixel shader those are used to determine the mip level. You can also use texture.Load.


There are two ways to set the stencil buffer value in Direct3D 11, one of which is only available in Direct3D 11.3 (and Direct3D 12). I will split this answer into two parts accordingly. Direct3D 11 General As part of the D3D11_DEPTH_STENCIL_DESC you specify what action to take on a stencil test pass and fail. These options boil down to: Keep the current ...

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