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I you look carefully your cube in Cinema4D, the top most corner show different texture coordinate for the side and the top ( probably the same between front and right side, but the texture can't let me state it for sure ). And in your final cube indices, you only have a range [0..7]. On the GPU, a vertex is a full tuple of values with a single index. It ...


There's also DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_* formats - explicitly no alpha, but still you must expand 24-bit image into 32-bit texture when loading data. In Direct3D11 24-bit and 16-bit formats are gone for good.


Vertex shaders can't generally do that. They transform geometry, but do not write it back into the source buffers or into buffers at all (that you can access, at least). You probably want to have a look a geometry shaders and the stream-output stage. This way you can create a buffer for your data using the stream output bind flag, write yourself a geometry ...

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