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With a scene graph you can have child objects that move when parent moves. You can also make some states propagate to children, like hiding/showing groups of objects just by changing the state of the root of the hierarchy. Implementation could be done by game objects having a transform component that has a pointer to its parent.


You actually do not need C++/CLI for this, although you could use it if you wanted. I don't really recommend it. C#'s platform invoke facilities should be sufficient for you. You'll need to make your engine available as a DLL. Doing so is beyond the scope of this question, but there's plenty of information about making DLLs available on the web. Once you ...


Fixed after updating MonoGame to 3.5 and .NET to 4.5. Apparently it was a MonoGame 3.4 issue that was causing the problem. It's a pity though, because that means I can't support Windows XP users anymore.


It exist various way to rasterize glyphes at runtime, like the freetype library or stb_truetype.h All you need is a font with the set of character you want, and at runtime, you update a texture with the characters you need. The texture behave as a cache with a MRU logic to preserve glyphes across frames. Another solution is to interpret the glyphe pathes ...


Well, it is not recommended to use in DirectX 12. Dynamic shader linkers are proven to be useless since a long time in game development, because the performance of your shader code base becomes less predictable, so it is not safe to use this feature in your app.


Start graphics debugging (ALT+F5) your program with visual studio directX graphics diagnostic and capture a frame, then double click on the thumbnail of frame and view your event list and your pipeline. It will help you to find out whats really happening down there. May be you forgot to set and clear your render target view before drawing vertices. read ...


UpdateSubResource or in another worlds, synchronizing CPU and GPU, D-RAM and V-RAM are always become the bottleneck of real time programs. each time you want to push new data to your texture or update it, you need to generate and prepare it in your RAM, but you can do it in another gpu thread and do not wait for it. Try use DirectX 11 Multi threading ...

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