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You actually do not need C++/CLI for this, although you could use it if you wanted. I don't really recommend it. C#'s platform invoke facilities should be sufficient for you. You'll need to make your engine available as a DLL. Doing so is beyond the scope of this question, but there's plenty of information about making DLLs available on the web. Once you ...


Start graphics debugging (ALT+F5) your program with visual studio directX graphics diagnostic and capture a frame, then double click on the thumbnail of frame and view your event list and your pipeline. It will help you to find out whats really happening down there. May be you forgot to set and clear your render target view before drawing vertices. read ...


Here nothing gets sent to any queue at all. To have a command buffer executed you would do ThrowIfFailed(queue->ExecuteCommandLists(1, &m_command_list)); setting the command list back in the recording state is simple, just Reset it.

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