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Ok, given the wireframe view, it is clear that your problem is T-junctions. Remove them and the artifacts will go away. If you provide information on how you get/generate the meshes, you could get help on how to remove them as well :)


You don't specify what rendering method you want to use. Standard rasterisation of a 3D mesh? Or do you have a volume representation of the model and your renderer uses that directly? If you render a volume, check this: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch39.html especially 39.2. The effect in the picture you provide is mainly subsurface ...


SetResourceMinLOD : For Direct3D 11, this functionality is extended from the sampler to the entire resource. Therefore, the application can specify the highest-resolution mip level of a resource that is available for access. This restricts the set of mip levels that are required to be resident in GPU memory, thereby saving memory.

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