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Edit: We tried many combinations of the following and got many, many, equally-disappointing results. OP has resigned to using his backup plan of physically moving the geometry slightly toward the camera before drawing it as wireframe. Link to chat. A typical use might be to set factor and units to 1.0 to offset primitives into positive Z (into the ...


The scissor rectangle applies to pixels within the depth and stencil targets, just as it does to color targets. Only pixels within the scissor rectangle will be candidates for writing, so other states controlling reading from or writing to depth/stencil targets are essentially irrelevant - they will never be read or written. For example, the depth write mask ...


Not sure if you've heard about this, but many games will do a "depth only" first render to fill in the z buffer, then they do the usual, more expensive pass, only where the pixel z matches the depth buffer z. This can really help with overdraw problems and reduce wasted fill rate.


It appears that this may not be possible, as noted in this blog post about the Outerra engine. I successfully moved the log depth buffer calculations into the vertex shader. This solved my problem with the Early-Z testing, but it also led to deal-breaking artifacts with triangles that were too close to / crossed the camera. Apparently the only way to fix ...

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