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Okay, I solved the problem. As the guys commenting above pointed out, the code was weird. It wasn't really clear what was happening. This was a result of my brute forcing axis until the individual faces aligned. However, it's what resulted in the above. So I've taken the time to draw on paper how each face should be stepped through and I found the answer. ...


As I done in my project Seamles Noise Generator I suggest to apply a 3d noise (i.e. 3d perlin noise) on the cube surface and unwrap it like already suggested And use a cube sphere aproach


Please confirm that my other answer is not-at-all or, less-, applicable, so I can delete it. This is one way to "unwrap" a cube, (neglecting the bottom face (assuming there is a terrain of some kind)). (right-handed) For face 1: U+ corresponds to Y+ V+ corresponds to Z+ For face 4: U+ corresponds to X+ V+ corresponds to Y- and so on..


I have also successfully loaded a cube texture from file and applied it to my sphere and it looks awesome. This implies that you've already calculated the UV's on the CPU and stored them in the vertices. Those same UV's should work for any cube textures that are similarly oriented since they all range from 0:1. A diagram follows, in case it helps, but ...

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