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My experience: 2012-11-26 CET: I called DEJUS (+55.61.2025-9115), and I was connected to someone who spoke fluent English. Things look good: It is not necessary to be a citizen of Brazil or to have a company registered in Brazil in order to apply for a rating. In this case, I was told, one just leaves the field CPF/CNPJ empty. I asked if it is OK to ...


Game ratings are not enforced by any country for any kind of game. They'll just ban your game, if they found it objectionable enough. The rating is more of a de-facto standard used to make the end-user aware about the content of the game, so that kids do not play games containing extreme violence. You'll be required to submit ratings only if you're making ...


Looking at the ESRB FAQ, you can see some answers to your questions: Are all games and apps required to have a rating? The rating system is voluntary, although virtually all video games that are sold at retail in the U.S. and Canada are rated by the ESRB. Many U.S. retailers, including most major chains, have policies to only stock or sell ...


IANAL but you can certainly ask the player to enter their age and set up some options as a result, or just give the players options for gore & language that they can manually set. Several games do this already allowing you to turn off, or at least tone down blood. However if you are asking if you can get a lower rating from PEGI/ESRB for this I'm going ...


The primary point of entry appears to be the ESRB's website. The process appears to be that you need to make a physical letter on corporate letterhead with all sorts of information proving you are a real business. You then need to send them the letter and wait 5 days at which point they will send you a user/password for their website, at which point you can ...


Android Market has a very restrictive adult category. So you probably can't. But, you can publish your application on alternative markets as Mikandi or Appslib. (Semi official porn market for android) (Archos market with an adult category)


Obviously you can't. You'll have to host it on your own. See developer content-policy.


I don't think the ratings board would rate the age down because you set content down. If an underaged person is playing the game, then they should've been aware that the rating is too high. By all means, add in an option somewhere to tone the content down; could be useful for if a properly aged person is playing in the vicinity of small children.

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