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Like this: lw 0bRRRRRGGGGGBBBBBA, 0x04400000 lw 0x0140, 0x04400000 sw 0x0140, 0x04300000 sw 0bRRRRRGGGGGBBBBBA, 0x04300000 This sets up the framebuffer using 16-bit color depth, 320x240, and interlaced video with 60Hz timing signals; writing to the screen afterwards can be done various ways.


To do something basic like a Hello World program on a console like the Nintendo 64 you wouldn't need to use the GPU to do the rendering, you can just write your message directly to the framebuffer. The framebuffer is were the rendered image is stored before it's scanned out to the TV. The RCP Documentation linked to at the bottom of this page does a very ...


Setting the CVar might lag a little, sure, but that's okay - you're already parsing the text input from a command. To optimize it if you must, hashing the name to an int for a quick lookup map is all you need. You could also make a directory structure, EG sv points to the sub-map containing sv_cheats to further minimize lookup comparison count. It's getting ...

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