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You say you have tried setting `ignoreAnchorPointForPosition(true), but have you tried setting it to false? CCLayer init method calls ignoreAnchorPointForPosition(true), which basically tells cocos to ignore the anchor point for positioning. You can set it to false and it should respect the anchor point for position.


Regarding the info found here, currently there is no official way to achieve this but they are working on it. Meanwhile you can download the "standalone template" found in the same link.


There is a tutorial HERE that will help you using Tiled Map to create collisions as you are using this technology. Basically, if you are using Tiled Map you will mostly do Pathfinding, when you calculate the closest path to move to X,Y position, you need to check if this path contains some "collider" tiles, using a method like: -(BOOL) ...


try opening a new thread like in this video tut and use that for your connections. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G_W54zuadg there may be some useful info in this video hope it helps

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