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I got answer for my own question. refer to this link http://discuss.cocos2d-x.org/t/can-someone-tell-me-how-to-setup-cocos2d-x-on-code-blocks/10144/2 I follow these steps. 1) Create cbp file with the command cmake ../ -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" 2) Open it in Codeblocks This solved my problem.


Rotate vice-versa input arabic text. #define COCOS2D_DEBUG 1 // At the beginning of file CCFileUtils *fileUtils = CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils(); std::string text = fileUtils->getStringFromFile("data.txt"); std::string label_text = ""; char *c; c = (char *)&(*text.end()); c--;c--; while (c > (char *)&(*text.begin())){ while (*c == ...


The fastest code to compile is the code that has not been written. If you don't intend to modify the libraries (which is the typical way to use 3rd party open source libraries), you should not include them in your solution. You should compile them in a separate solution and make them available for your main project, whether they'll be statically linked or ...

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