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I don't know cocos2d, but the general approach to use for this effect is simply to just render the scene at a lower resolution into an offscreen render buffer (VBO, in OpenGL terminology), and then copy that low-resolution image to the screen, with smoothing turned off. (in OpenGL terms, that'd be performing the copy using GL_NEAREST instead of GL_LINEAR). ...


So I figured that setting the location of a node without forces has this effect on the camera. Simply use forces or set the velocity of your node.


It looks like it is probably based on curves - like maybe piecewise Bezier curves, or maybe B-splines. Internally in the code they could also be using hermite splines, catmul-rom splines or some other variant but without seeing the code its nearly impossible to tell what specific curve is being used since many of the above are visually equivalent, but are ...

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