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Regarding the info found here, currently there is no official way to achieve this but they are working on it. Meanwhile you can download the "standalone template" found in the same link.


As I recall, as from Cocos2Dv3 you can only create cocos2d projects via SpriteBuilder. If you insist to work without SB, What I'd recommend is to create a new SpriteBuilder project and delete all the SB files from there. Another option would be to copy all the source files from the sb project to the new Xcode project. Hope it helped.


Your solution, thus-far, implies you are already calculating depth to determine the scale factor needed to simulate perspective. To make objects move "behind" the camera, test that same depth when you draw them and do not draw objects whose depth indicates they should be behind the camera. if (object.sceneDepth >= 0) object.Draw(); Re: (like ...

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