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Do as ryrich said, however the actual code on Objective-C would be something like this: (Assuming your CCNode class is called "Seal") int sealCounter = 0; for (id *node in self.children) { if ([node isKindOfClass:[Seal class]]) { sealCounter++; } }


Let's speak radians. Your angle is clamped to a real range and from what I can see from your video I would say between −π/2 and 3π/2. Now you can also view angles in different ways, for example as points on a circle. This is clearly the intuitive way to see your problem : in your case the tip of your ship is the considered “angle point” on the circle. ...


Well, one way is to load the textures and keep a reference to them ourself. You could reimplement your code to something like: @interface TextureHelper : NSObject - (void) preloadTextures; - (CCTexture2D *) textureForImageNamed:(NSString *) imageName; @end @implementation TextureHelper { NSArray * loadedTextures; } - (CCTexture *) ...

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