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This is hugely dependent on the type of the game you're creating. For say Chess, the only thing NetworkClient would do is reacting on the move being made and sending that. Some other games might send parts of their state or even the whole state. In general, you might think about splitting the networking part into two smaller components: the transport that ...


3G is optimized for stuff like streaming video. It's terrible with regard to latency when talking about small bits of data. There's a reason multiplayer mobile games over 3G with split-second timing don't exist.


The question is rather unclear. How exactly the client should manage info about who he is, if that is just to display on players screen "I'm Mike" or to send out commands "I'm Mike, moving knight from c5 to e6" ? When client connects to a server, it says who he is during login. Then both client and server have that info. Since servers can't trust clients, ...


Start with whatever's easiest to get your stuff up and working. It sounds like you have a good grasp of potential improvements and tradeoffs, so, go for "easy and works" first, and improve if needed. Do profiling of time & space. Might even, just to start, send un-delta'd messages, if it is feasible. Choice 1 is pretty good, by the way, and there may be ...

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