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They are describing how to get the nearest point on the moving circle trayectory to the "checking" circle center, without using vector math. Or better , using it but without telling that. var t = dx * distToBubble.x + dy * distToBubble.y; is simply the dot product of the moving vector (velocity vector) and the direction vector from moving circle. Hope ...


You probably need a skybox or a skydome. A skybox is a box around the camera, and is always centered around it. Basically a model, wich isn't get transformed by the view matrix.


Ok, so just of the top of my head your going to want to make a new circle(2d) and apply a texture to this then write something along these lines (and attach it to the object) Pseudo code: private gameobject player private float scale; update{ face the player (using transform.lookat(player)) float distance = ...

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