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You can choose the selection tool at the top, select all the tiles you want to move then press ctrl + x to cut and press ctrl + v to paste it where you want.


If you’re familiar with CSS spriting,it can be done the same way with SVGs. Unlike the icon fonts technique, you’re not bound to one color. You can use gradients, clipping masks, and transparencies while still keeping your mark-up and CSS clean. Chrome supports SVG with a few minor bugs and so does the latest Mozilla browser these are the ones that most ...


Instead of testing the collisions ON the player, you should testing them AHEAD, to check whether there's a wall where the player WILL be walking. To do that, you'll only need to change 2 things: 1- Your player.collision function should accept two arguments: an x and y offset. You should add them to your collision checking algoythm too. 2- When calling ...

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