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Ofcourse. DirectX is written in plain C. Sure, there are some C++ extension libraries for help on math-related stuff (matrices, vectors etc), but those are typically not long-lived (early deprecated), and rightfully so. Hence you shouldn't even be using those C++ libraries; at least not if you want your code to become deprecated over time.


Yes. FBO, shader (changing the currently active program, not necessarily shader state itself) and texture state changes tend to be the most expensive. Conversely, vertex pointers and uniforms tend to be the cheapest states to change. It is almost impossible to actually calculate the expense of any one state change in modern GL implementations; you might pay ...


#include stdio.h //Author: Coty Embry /* Program Comment: first and foremost im assuming you know how to code in c (to an extent): I would say to go at it like a showmenu that is a subprogram (think boolean value) which will show the menu, do what you need, then release the memory. Once it accomplishes what you need it to then send back ...

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