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I tried this. It was hard, but I did it. Left is GIMP, top-right is a Box2D debug renderer, bottom-right is a build shell Code repository for reference The full code is on github here. It's scattered in a whole lot of files, so it's a bit big to put here. See below for an explanation of the technique. How? I used ImageMagick, Potrace, Node.js ...


R.U.B.E. does this. The feature was included with the addition of samplers since v1.6.0. This tutorial video gives a description of how it can be done. To test, I used Anko's and Xander's images for comparison. First I imported the image of the sword and heart wand into RUBE (I'm on v1.7.0) and created some samplers (shown by dashed outlines) over them. ...


I know it's stupid to answer my own question but... With very, very big thanks to @Ben I fixed this problem by creating SDL_Surface and load image to it once for each TextureAsset and store it inside TextureAsset instead of creating new SDL_Surface for same texture and free it each draw call.


No, you don't need to port forward the client. If the server runs on a home computer (behind a NAT) then yes, you need to port-forward the server or check out how udp-hole-punching works but if the server runs on a real server (a server you rent with a public ip-address) then it should work out of the box. Note though, the client, which is probably behind a ...

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