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you are in a voxel engine which means that each box should have a discrete x, y and z coordinate thus: if you have a box at index (x, y, z) then you can get all neighbouring boxes by getting the boxes at index (x, y +/- 1, z), (x +/- 1, y, z) and (x, y, z +/- 1) edit: after some more info... just detect the collisions for a line between the center of the ...


I totally forgot about this, so the problem was on how my view matrix was built. So my view port was located just in front of the ray cast, messing everything up, i was projecting into the right place, i was just looking at it wrong. I just needed to adjust my view matrix and done.


I read the answer by @Randomman159 and am not going to repeat what is written there. Two important tools for processing a large quantities of data in parallel are SIMD and the computation shader. These allow you to perform a lot of computation in parallel. Another tool used to improve performance with tasks that can be parallelized is multithreaded ...


This really depends on two things. One - Is your box axially aligned? (ie. Is there a face pointing up, down, left, right, forward and back, or is it rotated ?) Two - Are your points at all sorted? If you are using an axially aligned box, you can skip this first step. Work out a Quaternion which defines the rotation of the box. From now on, when I refer ...

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