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Using a preset animation: So create preset animation in a 3D modelling software like Maya/Blender which has features like soft bodies and cloth that can do a good job simulating the pizza tearing. Export both the pizza texture AND the model animation to Unity (probably as a set of .obj models or some such). The model animation will represent the cheese ...


@originalDaemon's answers are good! I think there is a middle way that may get better result than the first approach and will take a reasonable amount of effort (perhaps unlike "The Hard Way" approach). What I suggest is too actually model the cheese "web", it looks a lot like stalactites to me. Model a few pieces of stretchy cheese. Randomly position them ...


The Simple Way Add a quad which connects adjacent slices to each other. Texture this with a nice, melted cheese texture, complete with holes. As the slice is moved away the quad will naturally be stretched and thus stretch and skew the texture. This should look reasonable, although there will be no break. What to do here is make that texture an animated ...


(╯°□°)╯︵ sןɐɯɹou As per the comments, I'll repost this as an answer, so that the question has some closure. That means you will have to recalculate your normals. Edit mode, A to select all of the faces, then Ctrl + N to recalculate the normals (outside).

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