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You can do some cool things if you allow the tiles to overlap a little and then interpolate bits that overlap. For the parts that overlap you need to calculate each tile's contribution (weight) to the overall height which I'll refer to as H(x,y). Then when you sample H(x,y) you find each tile that overlaps that point and sum the weighted local heights of ...


You might consider something like Wang Tiles. The idea is that you have a predetermined set of edges for your tiles. You can randomly generate tiles, still, so long as the edges match. For example, you might have 4 possible sides: A: Low terrain B: Mid terrain C: High terrain D: Water You can generate the first tile by randomly choosing the 4 sides. ...


Try turning off backface culling. In your shader, put "Cull Off" in the "SubShader" section.


I know this is an old thread, but I just had this same problem and got it fixed, so.. Select your snowman in blender and press alt+R to clear rotation. Now it's probably going to look the same as in jMonkey. Apparently the ogre exporter doesn't apply rotations you made to the object. To fix this, apply the rotation permanently to the snowman in blender: ...

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