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It seems that bge module is not available while running a script in text editor or in python console with the direct command : import bge actually there is nothing wrong with the module and there is nothing missed! only that the scripts with import bge can't be executed from console or text editor, to do so you have to add a controller to your script and ...


Graphics APIs have a function called "backface culling" where they omit drawing any triangle which is facing away from the viewpoint. This is determined by looking at the winding order of the vertices after projection, classifying them based on if it's clockwise or counter-clockwise. There is a mismatch between the winding of your source geometry and the ...


You seem to be mixing polygons and vertices in your question. Polygons generally refer to triangles. As for the load on the graphics, you should probably aim for a "minimum requirement" device and see how it handles your game, graphics wise. This is going to be your maximum number of polys.


So the tags [float_array id="Suzanne-mesh-positions-array" count="1521"] and [/float_array] contain the huge list of vertex positions right? Yes. And the tags [p] and [/p] inside [polylist count = "968"] and [/polylist] should contain vertex indices in triangular order right? But that doesn't make sense, cause then the first triangle is ...


You can always try tree[d]. It is an old program from frecle that allows you to create various trees. I believe the devs have stopped updating it and the download link is down. You can find it via the webarchive site here

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