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The output rate on Android could be locked to 22Khz or depend on the devices. In this case you will have to adjust the mixing rate in software: // foo.wav speed * 8bits of fractions / outputSampleRate int speed = 44100 * 256 / AudioSettings.outputSampleRate; for(int i=0,j=0,max=phonemeBuf.Length * 256; j<max; ++i, j+=speed) if( OFFSET+i < ...


In the end, your sounds must be streamlined as one flux of bytes to the DSP device. Check how it works in linux, you get /dev/dsp which is a link to /dev/dsp0 (but its a detail) and it accepts only ONE process to open one descriptor on it, and you stream your flux to it and it gets played on the speakers provided your driver is working. The driver will copy ...

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