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Normally you would load your images on-the-fly from a normal file them pass the decompressed pixels to OpenGL, but I'm also fond of embedding resources into the executable :). For an extreme example, see my PS2 game. The whole thing consists of a single 4 Megabytes executable, all assets built in. What I did, and you can also take the same approach if you ...


This is because you're editing a material. Prefabs simply reference materials, they don't contain them. That material is used for both prefabs. You can duplicate the prefabs, but make sure you create a new material for any prefabs you want to have a different material.


I just had this same problem and managed to solve it. If your issue was the weird checker-board pattern, it turns out some(all?) android devices cause those artefacts when you take a screenshot. I was having the same issue and spent some time trying to fix it and ended up looking at my device with a magnifying glass to see the individual pixels and it ...

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