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It depends on whether this happens during development or release. During development, you will have all kinds missing things, errors, and fuck-ups, constantly, all the time, and you may even want to "hot" load assets on demand or replace an asset while the game is running. You might edit scripts with the game running to test an AI performs better, or ...


Byte56 mentioned one option. There is at least one other: Assume default values and display a Warning. Depending on the nature of your data, it might be perfectly acceptable to assume some default values and warn the user that "since file xxx failed to load, we are using a generic yyy object."


Log an error and gracefully exit. Ideally, display a human readable error on screen as well. There should be a core pipeline of hard coded functionality that operates without these data files. It's the same pipeline that loads the data files in the first place. It should be capable of detecting when these core data files are corrupt or otherwise faulty and ...


I will tell you otherwise: Never leave anything underneath that shall never be visible. 3 reasons: If the rendering for some reason happens from back to front, the hidden surface may get rendered -> consumes fillrate & time. If the hidden suface is closeby underneath, it may cause z-fighting when seen from a slightly longer distance. This is superiorly ...


Unmark convex on the mesh collider. Convex mesh colliders will NOT have holes in them because that is required, by definition, to make them convex. Non-convex mesh colliders are only supported on kinematic rigidbodies and objects without rigidbodies, which should be fine for your usage.

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