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I used CropResolutionPolicy, a new policy developed by Martin, check it out here http://android.kul.is/2013/10/andengine-tutorial-dealing-with-screen-sizes.html


What your dealing with is an aspect ratio mismatch. Your trying to map an aspect ratio of 1 to an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16 :10. That is why your tiles look stretched. Set your games resolution to a square aspect ratio like 300x300 if windowed. Or make your tiles about 160x90 pixels to look square at that resolution. Topics of interest would be ...


I think that your constraints of "don't letterbox" and "support the same viewable area in both orientations" are irreconcilable. I think you need to relax one of those constraints somewhat, and then your question devolves into the already-asked-and-answered question of handling multiple resolutions (see the "Related Questions" sidebar for a collection of ...

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