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Unless it is a personal use, which means if you go public free or not, you cannot use the exact, recreated or apparently imitated designs without permission. For parody and fan uses, every company reacts totally different. Some are totally ok with most fan art, some took it very seriously against it and take immediate legal action for any public use. There ...


Anything derived from using a CC-BY-SA licensed work should be distributed under the same license. This includes the edited image and the work it is used in. Since you are mixing it with other things (other images, music, code) to create a new work (a game), the new work should carry the same license. In short, if you use a CC-BY-SA licensed image to make a ...


When you don't want any problems with anybody, don't copy other peoples intellectual properties. Even when you assume you are technically in the right (fair use, notable differences and all), they might still sue. In most parts of the world, civil lawsuits aren't like criminal lawsuits. You won't get an attorney for free and defending yourself as a ...


http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ according to this website you can use it commercially but it needs to have same license, see the sharealike. i don't know about game but website will be i think totally legal, if you of course upload edited image with cc license but please ask someone else too. I'm not expert in licenses

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