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I think what you are looking for is a form of parallel projection. .


I found an efficient way to build a city fast (or whatever you're trying to build) is definitely to go modular, and make indexed fittings for your buildings. For example: Single buildings, referenced as A, B, C, etc... Signs, skins, etc. associated to each: Now you can mix and match to create a dynamic city quickly Of the approaches I've tried, ...


What I've used among personal projects and projects for clients (when I'm part of a team that has dedicated artists) is a workflow similar to this one. Maybe there are obvious steps, but that's the pipeline. Create the character first draft (to put a name) and preferably work everything on layers (e.g. Photoshop layers and layer folders) Define the ...


Your image looks like texture. The most obvious way of using it is to map to polygons of model. In your case it is 2D planes with textures on it. They can be layered like paper doll and dresses. So, you need to create texture image first and then map its parts to polygons Read more about texture mapping

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