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From the looks of it now each glSet has to include glBind(something) inside of it Not exactly. It's the other way around, as described several paragraphs below. Even if it were true, remember that GL commands from the client app to the GL server (aka driver) have a lot of dispatch overhead compared to a regular function call. Even if we assume that the ...


They're usually stored in GPU memory. In some cases, when the GPU has to evict them, they will need to be restored from CPU-side memory, but this is "uncommon" unless you are really thrashing the card. You should never see them populated from CPU every frame under normal conditions unless you are also updating the texture CPU-side every frame.


The overview justifies it by: The intent of this extension is to make it more efficient for libraries to avoid disturbing selector and latched state. The extension also allows more efficient command usage by eliminating the need for selector update commands. I think "more efficient" here refers both to less bookkeeping overhead for ...

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