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I'd just like to add that there's another side-effect of not using mip mapping: Not only will you get the hideous aliasing (see the Nyquist theory for what is going on), you will probably also get a reduction in performance as the texture accesses become incoherent and thrash the memory/cache system of your GPU.


Is there any specific name for it? That flicker you are talking about is called in this certain case moiré effect / pattern. It's a form of spatial aliasing as already mentioned in other answers. However, aliasing itself can result in a lot more things than just moiré patterns.


I have heard the term "popping and boiling" applied to the aliasing you're showing on that mountain in the background. It is not a mathematical term, but it is descriptive. So aliasing would be what you'd write your paper about if you wanted to invent a different fix for the problem and use it to get money (grants, academic promotion). "Popping and boiling" ...


What you're looking for is aliasing. It's little different from aliasing of hard 3d edges drawn on screen. Both come from rendering pixels too strictly, with one color or another. Antialiasing methods like mip-mapping only help blurring the edges so that intermediate colors are rendered. This can be applied to single textures but also to the whole screen. ...


Aliasing artifacts/moiré patterns https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mipmap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing

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