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For synchronisation, you need to decide who (your code, animations, or neither) is the timing authority—the "beat" that everyone else "dances" to. Different arrangements suit different games: Animations are the timing authority (your current setup) The game code may trigger animations. When animations reach certain points, they raise events (e.g. ...


Hey can you check the animation type for the clip. Make sure it is not legacy while using it with mecanim. Make the animation clip mode to loop (helps while testing). Also click on Walking_test and check the inspector if the anim clip is assigned properly. If you already have checked for these things then while playing with mecanim try removing the ...


Don't pass delta to getKeyFrame, getKeyFrame takes the state time. The state time is likely something like the sum of all the deltas you've seen so far. The state time indicates how "far" into the animation you've gone, and by constantly passing delta (which if you're running at 60 fps will be 0.016s) the Animation will always yield the first frame.


It seems like you have many different meshes in the model you're exporting. Typically when you export a model, there will be a single mesh even though it may have physically separate parts. The crux of your problem being that animations work on a per mesh basis, so because you have 25 different meshes you're given 25 different animations. Take a look at this ...


Follow these 3 easy steps 1) Select the animation file in the project , and click on the top drop down icon in the inspector. 2) Select the Debug Mode 3) Select the legacy option


Don't use legacy animations, use the Animator component to play animations instead. Here are some examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG7uZAwZW2o http://johnstejskal.com/wp/creating-2d-animations-from-sprite-sheets-in-unity3d-pt2/


Do not change the rotation. Change the y-position instead. Another completely different approach which will look far better but might be far slower would be to draw the white core part of the lightning as a randomized path of line segments and then add the magenta halo in post-processing by taking the bolt, applying gaussian blur, removing the green channel ...

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