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You get the path the same way you'd move the object when you shoot it. Just have a tight loop that simulates the movement of the object and keep track of the position every so often. Now you have a list of positions, if you draw a dot at each position, you have a dotted line the represents the path of the object if it were to be shot from that angle.


if (Math.abs( angle) > mindelta ) transform.LookAt (currCustom); I think it depends on floating point math errors, I suggest to define a min angle (mindelta in my code example) inside wich, the turret doesn't move


You wil want to subtract the touch with the ref point: //180 is inversed? 180 is when touch is on the right side... let dy = (touch.y - refPoint.y) //opposite let dx = (touch.x - refPoint.x) //adjacent This results in the (dx, dy) vector being from the refPoint to the touch point (as you would expect).


You're not taking into account the inverted Y axis in comparison to the normal X axis in most (maybe all?) programming languages. The top left corner of the screen is (0, 0), and is positive in the right and down directions. So if the bottom middle of your screen is, for example, (300, 400), and you click at (0, 400), then your triangle will be a first ...


Byte56's answer is very good, especially for the example image given where simulating the movement of each "ball" in the line will work well. I'll give you an alternative idea however which might work better, or might be easier to implement if you are trying to work with a dashed line (with or without animation), something like -- -- -- -- Calculate the ...


Your drawings seem inconclusive with respect to axis names and signs. Just going by the first illustration, you could say approximately: _playerSpeedY = 2 _playerSpeedX = -1 // going to the left, negative! radians = atan2(_playerSpeedY, _playerSpeedX) degrees = radians * 57.29577951 I get radians = 2.0344439357957027 and degrees = 116.56505117080718 ...

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