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If you just dispose the sound, you're trying to play something unexistent. Also, this is a bad practice because you're constantly creating and destroying a sound when playing it, and that's not needed. Try to get the dispose to the end of the game, place your sound somewhere available and just play or stop it when needed. This is some sketching code, not ...


Just throwing an app into an app store (however it is called on your platform) and waiting for people to download it is not enough to have a game take off. The usual user behavior is to either listen to recommendations from off-store resources (friends, websites, social media etc...) or just browse the top sellers and top-rated games in different categories. ...


In your situation, having states within states is perfectly acceptable and is often the expected architecture. Here is something to think about: generally, during development, you could start your game directly in the "play" state (you set up a bunch of parameters that would normally be set up by the previous state), and you make the game end instead of it ...


Install the latest Android SDK (23 Android 6.0) and Build Tools. That fixed it for me.

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