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AndEngine doesn't have an editable TextBox. You have to do it yourself (programmaticaly of course). Like: 1-Draw a white rectangle (Textbox) and an empty text into it 2-Handle touch 3-Show keyboard 4-Handle Input and [change] / [append to] the text


Chris is right about the first method (distribution shaping). Now the second (roulette): that's the method I implemented in my game. full source here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/extremecarnage bool HostilesManager::SpawnHostile(SPAWN_POSITION_en spawnPos, int isprite) { // create a new car CarsManager::CarAcsor newcar = ...


If your corner sprites are as simple as you show here, you can avoid collisions by changing how you generate the random positions. E.g. for the top, you currently generate a random int between 0 and width (well, ignoring that you seem to have transposed width and height in some spots). So suppose you have yellowWidth, the width of the yellow object at the ...

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