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One obvious error in your current implementation is that you should combine nodes based on their total area, and not total radius. Otherwise you're overstating the visual effect by a squared factor - remember the area formula, pi*r^2. But you'll still run into other artifacts. An obvious one is that when you are zooming or refining your detail, there will ...


So, you say, that when you update the cursorPosition variable you update the cursorPositionPrev variable too. This is not a good idea and this could be one of the reasons why it goes a bit slower than your mouse. Your update method gets called 60 times per second, but the mouse listeners can run way more times in a second. So, let's imagine this: your ...


I found that the reason is my event queue realization and the second reason is that I use OS cursor (OS cursor is hardware accelerated). Mouse position is current mouse position obtained from GLFW, lag - difference between current position from GLFW and from event system. Here is approve:


Tic-tac-toe is a great target to try to write an AI when learning a new language. These steps are proven to maximize your chances in the game. You always draw with perfect play of both opponents and win if opponent makes a mistake. You should check these conditions in the order they appear: (1) If this is the very first move - take a corner (or the center). ...

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