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1) giving JS end-users direct access to your terminal is the scariest idea ever, in terms of security, and is 100% impossible without some interfacing server language/framework (php/perl/ruby/c#/python/java/c++/NodeJS), because it is so scary. 2) running exec() on user-input, directly, rather than building an interface in your server language is 100% as ...


with newer browsers you can use WebSockets, but since you probably don't want to build it all by yourself, checkout stomp is supported by php aswell, so its quite easy to push messages to the queue:


Apache can certainly handle the requests, but you will want to do some careful planning to ensure that things work as expected. In order to handle such a high rate of requests with minimal latency, clients MUST be using HTTP keepalives. Keepalives are sometimes disabled in web servers. You will also want to be very careful on the client-side to not issue a ...


I'm not sure that it is possible to keep a good communication speed over time with a growing community. You have limited control over this. The problem is that I can't allow a communication to be longer than 200 ms (time of the client side animation). On the server side I have to go to the database to do the validation. 100 ms ping is short enough ...


You will need some client Javascript and run AJAX regularly so you can run server-side PHP and check if there are any battle requests, or during combat turns to check for any player actions.

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