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In my experience with AI planning, copying the state was indeed very slow and your suggested idea (maintaining a single copy of the state and undoing the actions when you go "up the tree") worked much better. But that really depends on the size of your state and language you use: in C++ you could probably use custom allocators to fit the whole state into a ...


You are using a constant turn rate. That is exactly what is causing the nice perfectly circular orbit. A more realistic approach for a guidance system would be to vary the turn rate directly with target proximity. This would give a spiral rather than orbit, and guarantee collision with a static target. It also gives a much more realistic flight path. The ...


I don't think you've got your answer since you're asking about dodging bullets (and not general avoidance ai behaviour). There are many simple ways to deal with that, each one is appropriate for a different scenario. 1- trace a ray from all bullets towards their respective progrades and with the ray magnitude (distance) relative to their velocity PLUS (or ...


The dot product of two vectors can tell you if they face each other or not. First vector can probably be the enemies view direction the second one should be a vector pointing from player's position to the enemies position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9FZllr6-wY


The simplest method is to implement a "copy" primitive. Copy the game at the root of the search and run forward using the existing machinery. Repeat.

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