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Simply adjust your vector3s to vector2s. You're 2d not 3d so having no value for y may be your issue. Not 100% til I try it out, but I'm not home.


ORIGINAL ANSWER Here is the start of series of articles that explains making a chess game. It covers how to model the board in your code, and how to tell what the computer what moves moves are possible / viable. Its a bit older, and doesn't provide any code, but it will at least give you a strong start on making a CHESS-LIKE game. This is an example of a ...


Two very general suggestions -- Often in board games a good human player runs through a list of rules or if-this-then-that mentally. If you can understand what a good human player in your game would do, then it's just a matter of translating that into code. This is generally referred to as "rules-based AI". If the game is strategically simple, then ...


Try fixing parenthesis: var pitch = Math.atan((v*v+Math.sqrt(v*v*v*v - g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v)))/(g*x)); var pitch2 = Math.atan((v*v-Math.sqrt(v*v*v*v - g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v)))/(g*x)); Consider also using atan2 function. Maybe in your case it won't fix anything but it's always good to know about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atan2


This can be achieved using trigonometry and vector mathematics. First, calculate the direction (or normalized vector) that the turret should face: Where a is the target vector subtracted by the turret position: direction = Vector2.Direction(targetPos - turretPos); Assign this value to a Vector2 direction inside your bullet class. You should to ...


Luckily it's pretty simple! To have a turret shoot a bullet at a target point, you need to figure out the normalized vector from the turret to the target. To get this, first subtract the target point from the turret point. This gives you a vector but the length is not normalized. To normalize this vector, you just divide x and y by the length of the ...

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