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I don't think there's enough information to diagnose the problem, but my guess is that you have the MOUSE_MOVE handler on the object you're dragging. That event fires only when the mouse is over the object. When you move the mouse quickly, it ends up not over that object, so you stop getting the events. This is not a problem with “precision”, but about where ...


I think I solved it. The answer is: var matrix = new Matrix(); var cos = Math.cos(angle); var sin = Math.sin(angle); matrix.a = scaleX * cos * screenScaleX; matrix.b = scaleX * sin * screenScaleY; matrix.c = -scaleY * sin * screenScaleX; matrix.d = scaleY * cos * screenScaleY; This way, the screen can use non-uniform scaling without distorting rotated ...

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