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First, find the average, minimum and maximum distance all vertices in the shirt mesh. Let those be Da, Di and Dx, respectively. Also let Dai = Di/Da and Dax = Dx/Da. Then, you test each point of your shirt mesh Ms to know if it's inside the body mesh Mb, possibly using the Jordan Curve Theorem, which is based on raycasting. Store all vertices which are ...


If you want smooth normals everywhere you will need to deduplicate vertices for normal calculation purposes. So instead of "for each vertex, for each index, if index value == this vertex, add normal" you'll need to use "for each vertex, for each index, if vertices[index value].pos == this vertex.pos, add normal".


One simple method is to use a force-directed graph approach. You model each vertex as a point mass in UV space. Each vertex receives a spring-like force that tries to keep it at the correct distance in UV space from each (post-seam-split) vertex with which it shares an edge, attractive when they're too far apart and repulsive when they're too close. That ...

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