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The second image appears to have been taken from inside the building. If so, all of the triangles are reversed and you are only seeing the faces that should be culled. Likewise, faces that should be visible are being culled. Ordinarily, meshes are drawn from the outside-inward so, when you are inside, looking outward, the triangles that were clock-wise from ...


What you are describing is performed by the GPU every time 3d geometry is drawn onto the screen. The 3d points must be translated to 2d positions. You can do this translation manually, and then construct a mesh from the resulting points. Multiply each vertex position from the object by a projection matrix. This will yield all the points within a 2d ...


As I understand it, now you are making some transforms and pass the matrix as a uniform which is the same for all meshes. What you should do, is send different matrices for each mesh, which could be for example members of the mesh class. Then send the uniforms before rendering each mesh. Something like this: void Update(){ mesh1.transform = ...


You can always try tree[d]. It is an old program from frecle that allows you to create various trees. I believe the devs have stopped updating it and the download link is down. You can find it via the webarchive site here

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