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If you literally want to gather a list of points, it may make more sense to just use raycasts from Camera1's position to determine those points. To do this, you could instead have Camera2's frustrum be a collider, use Physics.RaycastAll from Camera1's position to each collision in the Camera2 collider, and the points you're looking for would be all the ...


One way it to make seams everywhere you want a sharp corner. In fact you are going to need to do that anyway in the game if you want to use a a GPU for rendering. With seams I mean storing the vertexes on the edges you want sharp twice (one for the polygons on each side of the edge).


The only way I can think of preserving sharp edges using an algorithm is to have some kind of threshold of maximum angle between normals. But this is kind of auto generating smoothing groups anyway. I also cant see this being effective unless your geometry is a mixture of very smooth + very angular. Essentially when you render a tri you would have 3 verts ...

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