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First, lets get this out of the way, aiming for 100k user is ridiculous for semester project. Aiming for 100k users playing in one physical server is insane for any game. XNA is not an engine and no where near as high level as Unity. XNA just provides nice set of code, gathered in library with all the necessary "boilerplate code" done. It is DirectX for ...


Yes,it will. Microsoft is open-sourcing it, and making it available on different platforms. From Wired: MICROSOFT OPEN SOURCES .NET, SAYING IT WILL RUN ON LINUX AND MAC SATYA NADELLA’S RAPID reinvention of Microsoft continues. In yet another bid to make up lost ground in the long march to the future of computing, Microsoft is now open sourcing ...


Yes is the answer, and Xamarin is a useful to create native apps for all three major OS platforms, you could install Xamarin for Visual Studio

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