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I am going to start a chess like board game. And for that I have reviewed a number of things available.

One is, using which you can create a grid base games.

Another option is geekgameboard for iphone available at

Now I want your expert opinion on what would be better to make a game in cocos2d, using the first option or the second option? Both looks promising to me and give good control over board design.

PS: Sorry for duplicates, I found about the lately after posting it on stackexchange. So I am just posting it here again as I feel this is a more relevant board.

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I wouldn't use a tile-editor for a game like chess. The board is really simple and you can easily draw it without the help of a tile-editor. These maps make much more sense if you have a large world/board with lots of different tiles.

I don't know the GeekGameBoard you linked to, but it looks like it's a framework for card and board-games, so this seems much more suited for your task. It seems like this framework provides several UI elements, so you'll probably either choose GeekGameBoard or Cocos2d. Mixing the two would most likely force you to rewrite/refactor a lot of the GeekGameBoard code (which might be more work than starting your game-code from scratch).

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yes you were right, i have started it in geekgameboard becuase it give complete framework for board and let you concentrate on game logic. – object2.0 Apr 3 '11 at 17:00

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