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Has anyone used WiiFlash for developing Flash games? Any pointers on how to begin developing games for the Opera channel for the Wii?

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The WiiFlash project was for using the wiimote on PC/Mac games. I think you want to look at the MarioToo project for creating wii browser games. To be honest though, why bother? You've got a much bigger audience to target with Flash by going for the general PC/Mac/Linux audience.

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Well, you know, you sometimes just want to tinker with things ;-) – chiguire Jul 28 '10 at 15:08

Keep in mind that the Internet Channel (Opera browser) uses Adobe Flash Lite 3.1; Basically Flash 8 with some Flash 9 features.

I would perhaps target the Wii but make the game accessible to any browser. Best of both worlds. Think of it more like a regular browser on an ancient machine using the Flash 8 plugin and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

I've never used WiiFlash but it might be interesting for testing locally; If you have a Wii already you'd be better off setting up a local webserver and pointing the Wii browser to that local address for testing.

If you were ever going to do a 3D game you'd have to drop Flash entirely and go with Unity3D or some similar engine.

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As @Iain mentioned, that is not why the WiiFlash was made.

You will be using actionscript 2.0 to make Flash Games for the WII. There is a title out there on this subject:Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide


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For Wii games, you might want to check out Unity. It's pretty easy to work with and has portability to the Wii that you can buy.

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Just like any other Flash game, just play test it a lot on the Opera channel to make sure that it fits that rather than your browser. Please note that a Flash game can not detect all buttons and swings...

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