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im looking for some open source xbox project, I just wanna join it and try myself as game programmer, does anybody know such project?

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What do you mean xbox project? –  Dave Feb 19 '11 at 11:24

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First off, this is a question and answer site, rather than a project finding site.

Secondly, you can only get an SDK for the Xbox if you are a licensed developer and pay a lot. So I doubt you'll find an open source one.

However, you can create Xbox Live Community Arcade (?) games with XNA and C#, for $99 a year for a license. They won't be open source, but you can join them. Gamedev's help wanted forum is good.

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I'm sure you could find an XDK via Google and piracy websites, but the fact is the unsigned executables wont run on anything but an Xbox 360 development kit from Microsoft, the executables can only be signed though Microsoft, and if you found an open source version you wouldn't really be learning the actual Microsoft XDK used to program Xbox 360 games commercially.

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