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There are similar questions about finding existing resources that are free for use (free sprites/images, music, sound), but I'm interested in creating the resources myself. What tools do you use for asset creation/modification?

Please only put one tool per answer. Also try to include the following information:

Product Name

Link to website

Type of assets is can create (2D images, 3D images, audio, etc)

OS(s) supported


License (if free/open source)

General summary

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32 Answers 32

Autodesk Softimage


Win, Linux


Commercial, has a free trial

Versatile 3D package. Grandaddy of animation (IK was first developed for SI|3D). Very versatile and powerful package that has strong game dev tools support.

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Toon Boom Animate

2D Animation

Win, OSX

$700 (frequent actions which bring price to $499)

Commercial, has a free trial

Great (and i mean great!) 2D animation package.

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