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I am wondering how to creat a mini-game like "Diner Dash" or like "Big Fish Games". I want my game to be 2d, but it looks like 3d: see this image. Also, if you know some good game-engine to create games like those then thanks a lot in advance.

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I do not know what you mean by 'mini-game'. What you are meaning is isometric. – The Communist Duck Jan 21 '11 at 20:25
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I'm assuming that you are confusing the term "mini-game" with "casual game." I'm going to attempt to answer you with the assumption that you are talking about creating a casual game, which is still a very broad question, but I'll try to give it a stab from a high-level; however, if you really do have a full game and are just looking to add mini-games to it, I don't know what I can offer to guide you there.

Some key concepts for casual games, are (all my opinion):

  • Quick to play, that is to say your game should have gameplay that is very simple to pick up and just play. You shouldn't have a "tutorial mode" or any of that, it should be so simple anyone can figure it out.
  • By extension of quick to play, most popular casual games have gameplay that is on the shorter end of the spectrum, 30-90 seconds is common.
  • Progress after a gameplay period should be saved.

I can only speak for myself, but XNA has a very low cost of entry, the learning curve is small if you already are familiar with C++ and/or Java. It also lets you deploy your game to Xbox, Windows Phone, and PC.

As @Spooks said, 2D games that appear to be 3D are frequently called 2.5D or pseudo-3D. And is typically done with 2D sprites that appear to be 3D.

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The 2D game but looks 3D is sometimes referred to as 2.5D. As for creating a mini game, that is a very broad question. You need to first pick a language you want to work in, then maybe we can provide you with a game-engine, but even with a game engine, you still need to know how to program, and edit the game engine.

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