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What Are some Game Development publications (electronic or otherwise) that aren't so large that there is no chance to potentially get included in the publication after a few well-written articles sent their way.

Looking for publications geared towards developers, not gamers, and can be any aspect of the game process, design, development, business, etc.

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What are some game development publications that actually have an editorial staff supporting only "inside" articles? (Heck, what publications period can support such a thing these days?) – user744 Jan 17 '11 at 22:28

Game Developer magazine?

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I wrote an article for them, and can recommend it.. it was a very interesting experience, in a positive way. – Jari Komppa Jan 18 '11 at 7:07

In addition to Game Developer and Gamasutra there is Develop which has a more EU tilt and the more recently launched Gamesauce which is a small growing publication and probably the most interested in unsolicited articles.

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We're always interested in contributions from industry professionals. Feel free to contact me!

Best regards,

Vlad Micu
European Editor for Gamesauce Magazine

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Gamasutra might be an option.

I don't know if they are too big and they do not explictly request articles but their site covers some of the topics you list.

Their email address is at the bottom of their page.

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They also have user blogs, and regularly feature excellent posts from them. – user744 Jan 17 '11 at 22:24

Not exactly a publication, but you can always share articles you've written on

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Most publications accept submissions. Look for a "submissions" or "contact us" link on their websites and make sure to follow their guidelines.

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Specific to software engineering and production, Communications of the ACM and ACM Queue both seemed to cover game software and related content (AI, graphics, real-time systems) regularly when I was a subscriber.

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