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I'm developing a Fez-based HTML5 Canvas game using EaselJS and I've found a problem, that I can't solve myself, while trying to implement SpriteSheets to the hero.

The problem is that I've defined three animations to my hero ("stand", "jump" and "run") and when I try to change from one animation to another using hero.gotoAndPlay("run") or hero.gotoAndStop("stand") the animations don't change, change but show the first frame only or change to the wrong animation.

Can someone help me? What I'm doing wrong and how can I fix it? Thanks.

Here's the relevant JavaScript code I'm using to create the hero Sprite:

var data = {
     images: ["http://i.imgur.com/M0GmFnz.png"],
     frames: {width:34, height:46},
     animations: {
var spriteSheet = new createjs.SpriteSheet(data);
var hero = new createjs.Sprite(spriteSheet, "stand");
hero.offset = 4 + 1; // "+1" is important, change the first number only.
hero.regX = hero.offset + 2;
hero.regY = hero.offset;
hero.width = 34 - (hero.offset*2) - 12;
hero.height = 46 - (hero.offset*2);
hero.x = 0;
hero.y = 0;
hero.jumping = true;

And the code I'm using to change the animation:

if(!left && !right){ // User isn't pressing left arrow or right arrow


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