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I put together a 3D space scene demo, but I bought some models from turbosquid and using the jmonkey engine I must comply with BSD licence (jmonkeyengine) and also package the models, but I don't think that the 3D artist who created the 3D models agrees, could you tell me if there is a solution to "lock" or "encrypt" the assets that I bought from turbosquid or other ways to handle content and assets with a different licence than the source code / libraries?

In practice I've purchased a 3D model from turbosquid and I don't think that I can just include it with a BSD-licenced open source 3D scene.

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This really depends on the exact terms of all the licenses involved. If you do not understand any portion of your licensing agreements or how they would interact (if you have multiple), you should consult a lawyer. In fact, you should probably consult a lawyer even if you think you understand everything.

I am not a lawyer, and this not legal advice.

However, you do need to comply with the terms of the license you were granted for the use of the art assets, whatever that was. If you are not allowed to distribute the art assets, "locking" or "encrypting" the assets is probably not an option (because you are still distributing them) unless the license you were granted permits redistribution in that case.

If the license under which you are able to distribute your assets conflicts in some fashion with the license under which you must distribute your game binaries, you have a problem. You will need to work something out with one or more of the respective license holders or purchase new assets. And next time, you should conduct a complete investigation into the licensing issues before purchasing.

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