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In my game, I am creating two game objects at same position using Instantiate statement. Each generated object has box collider attached.

So I want to detect collision between them so I write following code.

void OnCollisionStay(Collision collisionInfo){
   print("on collision stay");

But this statement not called. I generate two object using following code.

BallUtility.AddNormalCommonBall (normalBallPref,;
BallUtility.AddNormalCommonBall (normalBallPref,;

I need help in collision detection. I already post question in unity forum but I didn't get any reply from there.

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Collision events will only be detected under specific circumstances.

Each collider can be considered to have these relevant properties:

  1. Is a RigidBody (or RigidBody2D) attached to it's GameObject, if not it is considered Static.
  2. If it has a RigidBody, is it marked Kinematic?
  3. Is the Collider marked Trigger?

The circumstances under which collisions are detected are summarized in this table: enter image description here


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Thanks for your suggestion. Now I detect my collision method running. – Siddharth Feb 1 '14 at 8:28

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