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How do I make it so that in a multiple-level game the score will stay where it was from the previous level?

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Store the score outside of the level, probably in the game object that manages which level you are on:

class Game {
  int score;
  Level * currentLevel;

If there is code within a given level object that might need to manipulate the score, you can pass that information to the level when it is constructed. You could simply pass a pointer to the score integer (the simplest, most straightforward option) or you could encapsulate the score in its own interface:

struct Score {
  int GetCurrentPoints () const;
  void AddPoints (int points);

struct Level {
  Level (Score * globalScore)
  : score(globalScore) {

  Score * score;

class Game {
  Score score;
  Level * currentLevel;

Pass the a pointer to the game's instance of the single global score to each level, which they store and manipulate, and it will persist across levels as you'd like.

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