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I´m starting in Android development and I would like to know what is recommended when creating a game. Should I use Thread with Handler or a AsyncTask to perform the game calculations, update graphics, etc, separated from UI Thread?


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Which to use depends on your project. Compare the requirements of your project to each method and decide the best approach for you. – Byte56 Dec 15 '13 at 7:06
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I'd pick AsyncTask - Everything can of course be done with Threads and Handlers, but it's already been done on AsyncTasks, so why bother?

They're nice and neat objects which are easy to enqueue and stash for network disconnects, and they're readily extended - for example: you can have a custom base AsyncTask which pops/hides a Spinner and GETs from an API endpoint, and extend that further into parsing the GET data as XML or JSON into objects,images,hashmaps, etc, as needed.

Also, it should be noted that an AsyncTask isn't strictly on a separate thread, it's callback methods do run in the main UI thread.


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