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You can find every information about how to give money to facebook, but when it comes to take it back…

If I give credits to a user, can he get it back in dollars?

If a user gives me credits, can I turn it into dollars?

If so, how much does it cost?

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When you redeem Credits with us we will redeem them at the rate of $0.10 per Credit, less a service fee of $0.03 per credit redeemed. If we change the service fee or redemption rate, the redemption rate and service fee in effect at the time you accepted a Credit as consideration will apply to that Credit. We will give you 30 days notice on the Facebook Developer Wiki of changes to the redemption rate or service fee.

I do not believe that an end-user is able to redeem credits. If they were, then Facebook Games might constitute gambling and that would cause problems.

You can find the entire Facebook Credits Policy here. If you are interested in applying for the credits beta program, click here.

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