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I'm searching how to manage game framerate on mobiles devices, here is my problem:

On a computer with got something like that:

void main()

On a mobile device with got something like that:

void update()

void render()

void event()

When I search on internet, I found something like that everytime:

-> GameLoop

-> Fix your time step

I'm using IOS (With GLKViewController) and Android (with the NDK), and I've that rendering method is call from another thread

Thanks for your help!

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The structure of the update/render functions is unrelated to desktop/mobile. For example, with love2d the render function is a callback too. The key difference is that for mobile you avoid drawing if nothing has changed, as battery life is at a premium. – congusbongus Oct 1 '13 at 1:42

To get the right amount of movement when using a update(dt) function you must multiply the movement speed against delta time (dt = the amount of time since last frame update). So your position update could look like: newPosition = oldPosition + (moveSpeed * dt)

I hope this helps, I dont really understand what you mean by 'manage framerate'.

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